Our dogs ...

... are living in the house as family members. They have a strong character and are very unafraid. At the walks they are greeting everybody we meet very friendly. They don’t miss a chance to meet new dogs and to play with them. They love young and old kids and every alternation around them. Every visitor is most welcome to them and to us.

Not all dogs on this page are owned and live with us!


Ch. Kinley Ritakim McKinley's Lionheart


Ch. McKinley's
Making Memories
Ch. McKinley's
Once Upon A Dream

Veteran or no longer in breeding:

Ch. McKinley's
Nightflight To The Moon
Ch. McKinley's
Take A Look At Me
Ch. McKinley's
Veil Of Illusion
Ch. My Crackerjack's Tudor Rose Int. Ch. McKinley's
Nice 'N' Easy
Int. Ch. McKinley's
All Over Now


Ch. Sunshine
vom Rosengarten
Ch. McKinley's
Duke Of Hearts
McKinley's Angel Of Mind

Int. Ch. McKinley's
Earl Of Vision
Ch. McKinley's Joyful Passion