"Ch. Sunshine vom Rosengarten"



26.09.2002 - 16.07.2018

complete scissor bite

Size: 33,5 cm



DNA-PLL: -/- (clear)

Character test/PJRTCD

BEAR tested:  full hearing



Veteranen-Champion Luxembourg

German Veteran-Champion VDH

Veteranen-Klubsieger 2011

Rheinland-Pfalz-Veteran-Winner 2011

German Veteran-Champion KfT

German Champion KfT

KfT Youth Champion


Since we picked up our bitch Sunny in Leipzig in November 2002 our life completely changed. She quickly wrapped everybody around her paw with her lovely, temperamental and open minded being. On our walks she always looked for the biggest branches, even when she is barely able to carry them. Apart from that she was totally mad for a ball. We laid the cornerstone for our breeding with Sunny.

At the age of 16 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Sunny. She was a very special family member for us.
We were allowed to spend a wonderful time with each other.
In our thoughts, in our hearts, Sunny lives on and will always accompany us.
Rest in peace.

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May 2013 26.09.2015: Happy Birthday! 26.09.2016! Fifteen years old!

Our "young" girl ... August 2010

June 2007  

... November 2006! ... May 2007!  

My "friend" Don! Countdown ... June 2006

Drawing! Sledge journey! My little friend! My favorite place!

Our round girl!

A bath in the sun! The "paunch's" too tight! Sunny at the zoo!  Fotoshooting      November 2004

Got you!

01.02.2004: First visit at Don for covering.

I have a very good view from here!

Is the entrace OK?

I love the ozean!

If they bite?

Christmas 2003:           My presents!

Christmas 2003:      Totally exhausted!

Now I have to hurry, the broom ...

Where are you?

7 1/2 Month

When all work is done!

The first birthday!

Photo shooting in the Netherlands!

Soon I'll be jumping in!!

4 1/2 Month

Am I tired!!

Now I've got the ball!

Great view!

3rd Month

3 1/2 Month (With her sister Sally)

Curd beard!

My favourite fish!

4th Month (First visit on an exhibition)

Our first picture from Sunny! Cosy! In the puppy group! My "friends"! That's the way I like to sleep!